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Current California Condors Player Registration Packet 2021


Welcome to the California Condors Player Registration Packet with California Condors Special Needs Ice Hockey!

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or ACH Bank Account information available.


Information regarding application to California Condors Special Needs Hockey

Thank you for your interest in applying to our wonderful special needs Ice Hockey Program. We are the first special needs hockey team in California, and are very proud of our excellent program. Please carefully read all the following information before applying, to facilitate registration in the California Condors and successful participation in our program.

Please note: The Condors program strives to make sure that all players regardless of ability can participate in a safe and friendly environment and that no one is turned away because of inability to pay. With respect to all fees mentioned below, should special circumstances affect the family’s ability to pay, we will try to make arrangements to accommodate the need.


1. Ability to skate is of course an asset but is not required for participation in the California Condors program. However, if your son or daughter has never been on the ice, it is strongly encouraged that you take him or her to any rink to participate in public skating sessions, to see how they feel about it, before registering for the Condors. There is no point getting all the gear and then have the child/young adult refuse to go on the ice. Our coaches are prepared to give quality time and individual attention to new skaters to help them learn to skate and play hockey. However, it is not fair to our other (seasoned) players if the attention of our coaching staff is tied up with just getting new players onto the ice.


2. Open registration: The regularly scheduled Condors program runs from September through June. A summer program (Hockey-Lite) may also be available, depending upon interest and availability of coaches. Application to the Condors can take place at any time throughout the hockey season. However, since introduction of a new player requires additional support and attention from our coaching staff, we may stagger the start date for new players. This is done to insure that not more than one or two new recruits begin the program on any particular day, so that the coaching staff can deliver the attention and support they require. The ability level of the new athlete will also be taken into account in determining start date.


3. Our coaches and teen helpers will give one-to-one support to each athlete as needed for learning to skate and play hockey. However, if an athlete requires one-to-one behavioral support, this service will need to be provided and paid for by the athlete's parents/caregivers. The Condors reserve the right to restrict or end participation if an athlete demonstrates behaviors that may cause harm to himself or others.


4. Insurance: It is absolutely necessary that your son or daughter be registered with ASHA (American Special Hockey Association) before he or she begins participation in the Condors program. Registration insures that your son or daughter has the insurance required of all participants on the ice. Registration with ASHA is free, and can be done on line, by going to the ASHA website ( and following the directions given there. Please leave 1 week for ASHA to finalize the registration. Remember to specify at the top that you are registering with the California Condors. Please upload copy of your successful ASHA registration with you when you register for the program.  USA hockey may also be needed should you wish to participate in tournaments or special events..  New athletes receive the first year free and the renewal is $49 at this time.  Registration for USA run from August 1 to August 1 of the following year.  New players, please do not use the USA  portal on the website as you will be charged. 


5. Fees: The Condors are a not- for- profit 501c3 organization, entirely run by volunteers. We must engage in fund-raising to support the program, to pay for ice time, gear, operating expenses and travel. One hundred percent of all donations are used for maintenance and development of the team. Aside from travel, ice time is our biggest expense. We charge a minimal amount to parents per practice to help offset the cost of the ice. Therefore, we ask you please to pay in full, at the start of each season (Fall, Winter, Spring) even if you cannot attend all sessions, as this helps us pay for ice time and supports the program. As well, regular attendance makes a big difference to each player and to the team. It is the best way to learn and consolidate skills and develop camaraderie with team-mates and identification with the team. (Fees will be adjusted for players starting late in the season). 


6. Equipment: The Condors have some equipment available both new and used depending on size. You may also purchase equipment on your own, in which case, of course, no deposit is required. Sticks and helmets must be purchased by the individual due to insurance regulations. Scholarship funds are available if financial need can be met.  We work with all families to make sure, all our players are able to enjoy hockey. 


7. NEW ATHLETE Registration fee: This is a one-time only fee, payable only at registration for the player’s first season. The fee of $225 includes 2 personalized jerseys, 2 pairs of hockey socks and a hooded team sweatshirt.   Each athlete has two jerseys, one for games at home, one for playing as a visiting team. These jerseys are personalized with name and number. In addition, Condors athletes are proud to wear a hooded sweatshirt (hoodie) embroidered with the Condors logo,In addition,  Personalized jackets may be purchased for an additional fee and order are taken during the year.  This is an optional purchase.


8. All communication with parents is conducted through email. It is imperative that parents keep abreast of developments with the program through regular review of emails.   Information will also be posted on the website ( If you do not have access to email, please contact Christine Gayles to discuss possible alternatives.


9. Feedback: If you have concerns about any aspect of the program, on or off the ice, it is important that you inform one of our coaches and/or  Christine Gayles, about them, immediately, to ensure that they are addressed and resolved in a timely and effective manner. We need and are open to all feedback, whether positive or negative, to maintain the high quality of our program.


10. In this packet are a variety of forms that are required for registration in our program. Please fill out the registration packet as completely as possible.  Concussion and Sexual abuse waivers are required by lawDue to Covid-19, we have also added a Covid-19 policy and waiver form required by the Iceoplex.  Vaccinations are not mandatory to participate. If you have been vaccinated, you can upload a copy of your vaccination card, though it is not required.  you have any questions, please  contact Christine. 


11. Practices and events are posted to the calendar and usually sent out via email.  Please note that sometimes there are changes necessary so please check your emails or the website before attending any scheduled event for any updates.


Note:  AT THIS TIME DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, WE REQUEST THAT ONLY ONE PERSON ACCOMPANY YOUR ATHLETE TO PRACTICE.  You are always welcome, and encouraged, to watch a practice with your son and daughter, at any time. This will give parent and athlete a sense of blending in and bonding with the team.  We strive for the Condors to be  a family.  


Finally, you are about to embark on a wonderful program from which our athletes derive tremendous skill development, self–esteem, and social opportunity. But it is only possible with the full commitment of families and athletes.  We do not underestimate the difficulty involved in getting players to the program on time; helping them with putting on gear; and supporting the athlete through the initial hurdles of adjusting to this new and exciting but challenging athlete experience. Our team manager, coaches, and helpers are here to assist and support you in every way they can. But we also ask you to support us, by ensuring your athlete’s attendance, and paying fees on time. We also ask all parents to participate however they can in at least two fundraising endeavors.  This can be done by heading and organizing and event, participating in an event or seeking donors or sponsors for an event.  We are open to any which why you wish to help but we do need your help. .

Thank you! And WELCOME to the Condors! 

Ice Time Fees and Registration

Registration packet

Our registration packet contains required forms to ensure the safety of our athletes.  Also all athletes are required to register with the American Special Hockey Association (ASHA). Registration is free but mandatory before any athlete is allowed on the ice. 

Full session fees

California Condors Special Needs Hockey Team asks their participants to help subsidize ice time fees by paying the number of sessions in a season x 10.00. These fees are due and payable the first session you are at the rink that season. Fees are paid online during the registration process.  If you are unable to pay the full amount at one time, you can arrange at the time of registration to pay in two installments. If no payments are received, your athlete may not be allowed on the ice until payment is arranged..

Cancellation and credits

If your athlete cannot finish a season due to medical or family emergency, a credit will be issued at that time based on the number of remaining sessions. This credit may be used in the following season or when they return to play.


Please program questions

and technical questions to



Phone: (805) 501-7904